James Fleming

Knifemaker, steel junkie, father

My name is James Fleming I’m the owner of
Wasteland Forge and a Journeyman Bladesmith with the American bladesmith society.

I make Knives for all walks of life as well as
forged goods for everyday use.

My Favorite Whiskey River Products



Great hammer for any smith, 4140 steel with spiral fluting design looks damn nice.

Heavy enough to do some real work but soft enough to not beat up yoru anvil.

Be sure to pick one up today.






Files made today don’t hold a candle to old stock files, these stay sharp, cut well and leave a great finish

Double Bit Axe









It’s a beautiful axe great for anyone’s travel or camp pack.

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hardworking small businesses.

by shopping with Whiskey River Art &
Trading co. you support American Makers like myself.

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