Ways To Earn Points

Simply Making A Purchase

$1 = 2 Points

Every dollar spent at Whiskey River gets you 2 reward points.

Simple as that. Spend $200 - get 200 reward points. Believe me, they start adding up fast!

Sharing On Social Media

Share on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to get 100 points added to your total with each action!

Sharing With A Friend

If you share your referral link with a friend and they make a purchase then you instantly get $15 off your next purchase and they get 15% off their purchase.

Check out the section below with more on referrals.

How Referrals Work

Step #1

You decide "Hey, I think my urologist Steve might really get a kick out of these tools..." So you decide to send Steve your personal referral link to our store.

(You can find your personal referral link by logging into our rewards program by clicking the button on the bottom of your screen.)

Step #2

Steve get's your kind message that includes your referral link and a discount on his purchase, he wipes a tear from his eye, puts down his half eaten footlong hotdog, clicks the link, and places an order at Whiskeyrivertrading.com

Step #3

When Steve resumes his lunch after hitting "Place Order" our software will realize that "Hey, we've got a referral" - it knows you referred them and it will send your our discount to use on your next order!

Then it's just rinse and repeat - throw your link everywhere and anywhere there might be people wanting axes or axe handles and you'll start raking in the rewards!