Wooden Carpenters Mallet

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Ash handmade Carpenters Mallet.

This wooden mallet is perfect for any job where you need to hit hard but not damage the surface you're striking.

Wood is a much softer material than steel which means you have a little more room for error when striking. The large face of the mallet also helps spread out the force of the blow for even more control over the striking surface.

These Mallets are all made by hand and you can really feel the care and thought that goes into making each one. 

These Mallets lend themselves incredibly well to hanging an axe or striking a timber slick. When you use this mallet to hang an axe your risk of splitting the palm swell of your new handle is far lower than using a regular hammer.

The corners have been chamfered on this Mallet to decrease the likelihood of a stray strike chipping an edge or corner.

1.5lb overall weight

Head dimensions: Top: 6" long. Bottom: 5.5" Long  Face: 3.25"x2.5"

Overall length including handle 13.5"

Oiled finish.

Customer Reviews

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Austin Williams
Beautiful and strong.

When I saw the price drop I had to snag one of these beauties. Simply made and sturdy. Feels great in my hand. Besides working it makes a great gavel for kids to play court and be a judge.

Kevin Blackburn
Great mallet. Would buy again.

Very well made and works very well. Would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Randy Stratton
Wood mallet

Great mallet! Used it and compared it to some of my antique ones and it definitely can hold its own.

Greg Cyrus
This thing is legit!

The perfect weight and feel for seating handles and driving wedges. Im sure I'll find many many more uses... I'll probably get a 2nd one for my other workshop.