Boys Axe Handle - 28" - Whiskey River Premium Select

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What is the difference between Grade A handles and Grade B handles? 


This is a wonderfully slim and ergonomic 28" dried hickory boys axe handle. In my opinion the 28" boys axe is one of my favorite length and weight for an axe set up. Each of these handles are hand picked by our team to ensure they are of the highest quality! 

Dimension of the eye: 2 1/4" x 3/4".

If you really want to add some character to your new hang pick up a walnut wedge!

You can also grab an extra poplar wedge if you want too!


Every axe comes with the proper wedge!


Customer Reviews

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Bad-Axe Solutions
Absolute Beautifully Made Handle

Grace and Elegance comes in to mind seeing and handling this handle. Beautifully made, crafted with precision. I have implemented this type of handle for a new series of axes our shop will start creating.

Packaging, upon receiving it very nicely done as well!

Overall beautiful work done on this handle.

Clayton Chevalier

This was the first handle Ive purchased from Whiskey River, and it wont be the last. The grain is perfect. The axe feels great to use. Very pleased with the handle.

Frank Geiger

Another great pice of hickory. fit great on my woodslasher boys axe thank you for having such great handles at such a great price