10" Flat File (Smooth Double Cut)

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10" Flat (Smooth Double Cut)

Of all the files we offer this might be the most useful for someone who restores axes, knives, or other edged tools.

It offers all of the function and capability of using a grinder but is way easier to use, you don't risk ruining the heat treat on your axe, and these files are way more cost effective.

For 1 tenth of the price you'll be able to safely and effectively restore your edge from a gnarly amount of damage.

It's size also makes it great for throwing in your bag and taking out into the field with you along with your sharpening puck - they're the perfect combo for keeping your axe in working order.

A great all around file.  This size and cut is prefect for removing a lot of material accurately and quickly. This is a very popular file across many trades.



Individual files: $20

1 dozen: $200 (Includes Free shipping in the USA (Hawaii and Alaska are excluded)


100 File bulk pricing is available.  100 files for $1000 with Free shipping in the USA (Hawaii and Alaska are excluded) 

See drop down menu for price breakdown


These have been sitting on a shelf for quite some time.  Some files have small spots of surface rust.  This doesn't affect the function of the file.  

Customer Reviews

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Terry Lookabill
Really nice

I finally got to use that 10 inch double cut file.
I'm impressed, it has a much finer tooth patern than other double cut files I have.
It doesn't load up when using, and it a bit of metal does get stuck on it, it just wipes right off.
I used it to reprofile a Plumb hatchet and it cut beautifully.



Kevin Oubre, VCS
Excellent file

Really great file. I have a number of axes that my current hardware store files, including a couple Nicholson, have a hard time cutting but this one and the others (I got three of these files) do auch better job filing. If you are on the fence, I'd suggest getting some. I know they're unbranded but they work very well


Definitely worth grabbing a few. I had been using an old Nicholson file that's probably older than me, but it's getting tired. This one blows the old one out of the water! At this price point, it's worth grabbing one for the bench and one for the go bag.