About Us

We are Purveyors and Creators of the Rustic, Unique, and Useable Goods and Furniture.

Our founder "Roost" has been welding art for as long as he can remember. He loves finding out of the way, forgotten junk yards and rescuing and restoring old tired materials to their fully functioning former glories. He had to take a little hiatus to pursue some more financially viable careers and started driving truck for a local trucking company. He has a lot of time to contemplate his art while he's on the open road and decided he wants to get back into fabricating and creating.

He's brought on myself and another maker to help bring this dream of living off of his art to fruition. We are more than excited to be here with him. We are building a shop using American made materials and labor in a little town in Southern Wisconsin.

We are so thankful for anyone and everyone that makes a purchase from us and helps us get a little closer to being able to provide for ourselves and our families while doing what we love, which is making durable, beautiful, functional art!