About Our Team


Our fearless leader, Brandon, founded Whiskey River in 2016.  Drawing on a wealth of experience collected since he started selling things on the internet at 14, he honed an infrastructure over the years that would allow him to fulfill the lifelong dream of being his own boss.  Those closest to him know that dream has a long emotional backstory fraught with exotic feats and rife with danger that basically boils down to the fact that he is the only one who will hire and keep employing his stubborn and willful ass.  As the saying around this part of the country goes “If Brandon’s the one you’re asking to do it with you, it’s probably not your safest plan”.

When he isn’t working on Whiskey River Brandon can be found working on Whiskey River.  Other hobbies include selling things, creating things to sell, complaining that perfectly normal cheese is too spicy, and swearing at fish.  A traveler at heart, Brandon enjoys sending his loved ones GPS coordinates on holidays and special occasions so they might know where to begin the search in the event he is murdered by a grifter and never seen again.  When not visiting the vast network of compadre’s his extensive roaming has compiled, our Captain keeps his bags packed and one foot out the door of a small farm house in rural Jefferson County where a moody troll is always asking him to do something.

As *our* boss he is consistent, daring, and devastatingly honest.  His intense character serves him in balancing the million plates he always has spinning as well as the passion for what he does and the passion for the people who help him do it.  His problem solving skills and innovative forward thinking are an inspiration to us as employees and to those around him.

The sky's the limit for what the future holds for Whiskey River but with Brandon at the helm it is sure to hold adventure and we are honored to be on board.


Howdy! I am the office gal. I help Brandon with shipping out orders and I am the famous hander- outer of good vibes. I like to make sure our warehouse is nice and tidy and take photographs for our website, vintage Etsy page and social media pages. I also have designed many of our stickers and trade show banners. 

I have known Brandon since I was fifteen when he got me my first job at a farm. I am from a small farming community and bar tend down at the local tavern also in Southern Wisconsin. I have two horses that I love and adore named Cody and Satin. 

In my free time I enjoy braking for garage sales, junk in the road and stopping in at flea markets and antique stores. You can say I am in love with anything vintage and with that being said I think my favorite page on our website that you need to go check out is our vintage axes! 

 I am the dweeb that keeps the site up and running! I helped Brandon build out the website and Etsy pages when we first started selling his metal art about 4 years ago.
I live in a swamp in Southern Wisconsin with my wife, 4 dogs, and daughter Seneca.  My father is an avid outdoorsmen and ultralight backpacker that has taken me on countless camping trips starting at a very young age.  I've been using knives, axes, and other bushcraft tools to make fire, build shelter, and get food since I was a young kid and still love doing it to this day.
I am an avid kayaker and love to get out on my Stand Up Paddle Board and I love to play any instrument I can get my hands on.
I also shoot and edit the videos for our Youtube channel and run our Instagram page @officialcounciltooldealer