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This is a hammer is a brilliant example of prioritizing both form and function.

The DFM Twisted Rounding Hammer, at first look, makes you feel like you need a masters in advanced mathematics just to use it.


You give it one swing and you can't help but scream out "I AM THOR - ODIN'S SON!"

Seriously though, this hammer might look over-engineered and flashy, and it is, but it also is one of the hardest-hitting, well-balanced, and comfortable hammers I've ever used.

When we were talking about getting this hammer added to our line-up I asked for a sample of this hammer to use and see for myself if it was something worth us carrying.

(I'm not a fan of selling things I haven't personally put to the test.)

I thought this hammer was just a gimmick, a fun experiment, clickbait - and I wanted so badly to be proven right.

But I'm happy to say that's just not the case - this is now my go-to hammer for smithing and metalwork.

I know the 39oz 4140 head is a little on the heavy side of things when it comes to a smithing hammer but once you swing it a few times you learn how to turn that weight to your advantage - this hammer does more of the work for you with less effort.

It's hardened to 30 Rockwell C hardness which means it can give and take a good beating without damage but it's not going to mess up your anvil.

The head has a flat face on one end and a rounded face on the other.

It's hung on a 14" faceted hickory handle with a walnut wedge - which at first feels like you're swinging a 2x4 - but then, after a few swings, you realize your hands aren't hurting and you've been way more accurate on every swing than you're used to.

This handle is both incredibly comfortable and makes the hammer a dream to steer.

It's like the guys at DFM are incredibly smart, talented, and know what they're doing or something! 

Customer Reviews

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Steven Knapp
Twisted Hammer - DFM Toolworks?

Good weight and balance. The handle is poorly designed, thin and flat as a board with to sharp of edges I’ve used octagonal and other handles,
I couldn’t use this all day without weird callouses forming. Gonna have to modify it. Otherwise worth the money.

David Shu
Sick and Twisted

It’s crazy, I know, but this hammer is beautiful. Great fit and finish from the handle to the head. Did I need it, no not really but I’m glad I have it.

Charles Frappier
Great Hammer

Hammer is well balanced and a joy to use! Just enough heft for heavy work but light enough for swinging all day! Love it!!