The Grimalkin - Ultra Portable Bushcraft Knife

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The Grimalkin is an ultra portable, robust knife meant to take care of every task you would encounter in the wilderness. This knife comes with a very sturdy HDPE sheath and is a great workhorse of a blade on it's own but this knife is a great project for yourself, your child, or  your spouse. The handle comes bare so you can choose how you want to wrap it (leather, paracord, etc...) or you can make your own scales for it. Making this knife a sheath is a great project to learn the skill of leather work. 

The Grimalkin is an awesome knife as is and it is an awesome knife to make your own! 


The Grimalkin is pictured above with The Black Magic Honing Stone!



Blade Length: 2-7/8"

Overall Length: 5-13/16"

Thickness: 2.75mm

Steel: 1095 at 58RC

Weight: 1.2oz