Universal Medium Leather Mask

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This mask is made with quality leather and with your workhorse of an axe in mind.


This mask will take a beating and still be there to keep your axe safe! It is everything you need to quickly and effectively protect the edge of your axe from the world and the rest of the world from the edge of your axe!

Great for axe enthusiasts or that use their axes out in the field and like to be able to toss their axes in the bed of their truck or the floor of their garage and not have to worry about a loved one accidentally stumbling into raw sharpened steel or having to reshape your edge after it falls from the tailgate to the ground.  

Premium Crazy Horse leather mask with adjustable strap.

Size medium fits most axes with a cutting edge of up to 3.8 inches.

Choose between the rugged "Crazy Horse Brown" or the "Natural Veg Tan" which can be kept as is or dyed to fit your preference. 

This mask fits:

FSS Boys Axe 

Flying Fox

2lbs Hudson Bay Camp Axe

AND any Vintage head with a 3.8" or less cutting edge


Customer Reviews

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Eric Weigand

Universal Medium Leather Mask


Good for axe

Juan Portley
Excellent Sheath

Perfect fit for my my 2 lb forest axe that I keep in my truck - durable and easy to buckle - definitely grabbing a few more.

Randy Stratton

Universal Medium Leather Mask

Seth axe
Universal Medium Leather Mask

Awesome mask.