What Covid-19 has taught us is that most of us are not as prepared as we thought we were.  We are not prepared to keep our family warm and fed if the gas or electricity stop flowing, we are not prepared to boil and sanitize water if our faucets stop running, and we are not prepared to harvest our own firewood if there's no gas for the chainsaw.

We have found out that we can easily be in a situation where we are left to fend for our families on our own.

Make sure that you are a little more prepared next time something like this happens. The axe or hatchet are age old tools that have proven their effectiveness time and time again. You may not need them everyday but when you need them you really NEED them and you'll be happy you have them.

We inspect each tool we offer keeping in mind the thought that someone's life may depend on this axe or hatchet performing when they need it to. If the tool in question doesn't hold up to that kind of scrutiny it does not see a second of time in our store's inventory.

We are proud to offer a selection of tools that I would personally use to survive and provide for my family with.

Buy an axe or a hatchet today, learn to care for and maintain them, and be that much more prepared for a lifetime to come.


I got my handles yesterday and they are perfect! I couldn’t have picked them better in person! I will be buying from you again and I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks so much!

Matt from Tennessee

Quality tools, quality service, and Brandon seems like a good dude!

Eric from Duluth, MN

My Pack Axe got to me quite quickly and has been really handy for camping.

Mo from Spokane, WA

Tried out the new sport boys axe and I like it much better than the old painted head ones. A good discount axe that came with a hand signed reciept!

Doug from Findlay, OH

I don't know too much about axes but so far as I can tell is I didn't waste my return picking up the pack axe to replace my old truck axe.

Scott from Laredo, TX

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