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These are the kind of files that your Grandpa or your Great Grandpa would have used and not have given a second thought to.

When I hold one of these I can't help but think about how much higher quality these feel in your hand compared to modern files.

Your Grandpa, however, didn't know anything BUT quality - he didn't have to worry about it.

These files are at least 70 years old and are a perfect example of the golden era of American manufacturing.

(I'd put money on the fact that these are even older than that...)

You can tell that this tool is a product of a period of time when people didn't only expect their tools to last - they demanded it.

They needed their tools to work when it was time to work.

Not every now and again, not every other time, EVERY time.

Unfortunately, a lot of our domestic manufacturing has moved elsewhere in the world so we don't get to see this kind of quality as often.


Today you get a chance to own one of the few remaining items that came from an era where high quality was demanded and American hands helped these products live up to that expectation day in and day out.

Me, personally, I'm keeping 2 of these boxes for myself - a dozen to take into the woods with me to touch up the more severe damage my axes and chainsaws might endure and one to keep in our personal Whiskey River museum up at our Iron River location.

At 6 inches in length, these files are perfect for hiking with or keeping in the shop to help out with keeping your edged tools in working order.

-Files come with 1 handle per order. Example: Order one file you get one handle. Order a box of files, get one handle. Order 100 files get one handle...


Individual files: $25

Damaged but complete box (1 Dozen wrapped, and shipped with box):    $220

Sealed box with only average shelf wear(1 Dozen, Wrapped with Simonds Brand Pamphlet) **photos are a great example of condition:  $250

These files are New Old Stock.  75 years old.  These have been sitting on a shelf for that amount of time.  Some files have small spots of surface rust.  This doesn't affect the function of the file.  The sealed boxes haven't been opened and inspected.  Condition is unknown but boxes are free from water damage.

Customer Reviews

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Zachary HART
I wish I could buy a whole box!

I love my stones for sharpening all things, but if you've not familiarized yourself with using a file for profile modifications, dealing with damage etc., then that is an essential to put under your belt.
Anyway, I bought this file on a whim because it's NOS and made in good ol USA from God knows when.
The particular abrasiveness of this file is PERFECT for axe work. The stamp even says 'Smooth'.

What an absolute gem. I wish I could afford more of these. This is a must have for anyone who is dedicated to a good working axe.