Humboldt Spear Point Utility Shears

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A good set of utility shears are difficult to find these days. Stop getting yelled at for stealing the fabric scissors and use these instead!

Named for the "red devil" squid of the Humboldt current and its fearsome bite, the Humboldt shears are an intimidating, yet nimble, set of forged utility shears for cutting all manner of materials. Featuring a distinctive precision spear point, the Humboldt shears are able to pierce through many materials to start an incision in the body of the target rather than cutting in from its edge. This also makes the tip more precise for careful cuts and turning tight curves.

Based off of heavy-duty shears commonly used in the roofing trade for cutting asphalt shingles, flashing, and other materials that would cause common store-bought scissors to bend apart or break, these shears are a whopping 1/4" thick at the spine for unyielding rigidity, while the ergonomic integral finger loop is generously sized to fit all four fingers for exceptional comfort when making cuts in resistant material.

A hex headed pivot bolt makes tension adjustment a breeze compared to common flathead screw construction. The high carbon steel of these shears has purposely been left un-plated so that they may develop an attractive grey patina with age and use, much like antique pairs. These are truly an heirloom set of shears you can be proud to wield. Made with pride in the USA!

Length of Cut: 4 and 1/2"
Overall Length: 11 and 1/8"
Weight: 15.8oz

Customer Reviews

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Terry Lookabill
Monster scissors

These look to be very heavy duty. They should work great for leather and canvas.

Robert Thebert
Got pointy shears, now need a sheath

The shears exceed expectation. They are built super strong, and sharp, and pointy. My hand needs a little getting used to the ergonomics which are think is intended for leverage, a bit different than the plastic handle kind. Now I need a storage sheath for safety. A reasonably compact best sheath would also be great.
Thank You

Seth axe
Awesome shears

Awesome shears. Fit my hands great. Cut very well.

Braden M.
Awesome Scissors!

These bad boys are sweet!! Made in the USA. The handle is a touch large for my puddin hands, but perfect with gloves or really without!! Should’ve bought 2 before they sold out. They keep disappearing from my tool bench!!!

Mr. De La Cruz 559
Best Shears Bar None!

Don’t hesitate! Buy these U.S.A 🇺🇸Made Shears! Best shears I’ve ever owned. Only problem is they sell out quickly so buy two!