Brown Leather Sling and Sheath - Council Tool Camp Carver

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Easily transport your shiny new camp carver with this versatile and durable full leather sheath and sling! Equipped with holes in the sling to wrap up the end of the handle and keep it secure when you are walking with the Camp Carver safely at your side.  

This Camp Carver sling and sheath are made from brown leather and is put together with robust metal hardware! Not only does this carry system function amazingly but the brown leather looks fantastic and really looks like it belongs on the Camp 

Proudly Made in the USA!

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Customer Reviews

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Jim Connell
Fenomenal Fit For Florida Flying Fox (The F6 Review)

This carry system, intended for the Camp Carver, is fully suitable for our Flying Fox (long handle). The sheath is full leather with well placed rivets.
This part should last a lifetime.
The sling is a neat concept with slots to secure various handle lengths. This does away with a separate handle strap which could eventually detach from the sling. With multiple slot placements, this system will work with many different axes.
The other offering on the market uses “Brahma Webb” (aka BIOTHANE) that although durable, is way heavier than leather. We know this from our own harnesses for horses and big dogs. For a pack axe carry system, leather is better !
The one design adjustment we would recommend is to make the sling strap a bit wider. Including a 1.25” width would enable better weight distribution and comfort.
This is the same width as standard military rifle slings.
Other than that, good job!
We will be off soon, to field test all this good stuff in the vast expanse of the Ocala National Forest. HUA !!!

Beth Johnson
wonderful craftmanship

This will last for many generations. It's absolutely beautiful.

Christie Thompson
Wonderful product

Wonderful products, great quality and amazing customer service!!! Thank you.

Raymond Hastings
Bought for the Flying Fox

Excellent product, I love a how thick and stiff the leather is, and the slots in the sling work perfectly with the Fox, only problem I'm having is the handle is a little bit too proud above the eye and won't allow the pole side snap to close but with a rasp or file and a little elbow grease I'm sure I can get it to fit.