14" Mill File (Bastard Cut)

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14" Mill File (Single Cut Bastard)

A great all around file.  This size and cut is prefect for removing a lot of material accurately and quickly.  Single-cut files are most commonly used with light pressure which produces a smooth surface finish or create a thin edge on a blade.  Mill Files are commonly used for millwrights’ work and are ideal for sharpening axes, circular saws, hand saws, chainsaw teeth, knives.

These files are most effective when filing with the draw-filing technique or lathe filing technique. This file can be used on Stainless Steel, Ferrous Metals, Iron Bar, Plastics, and even Wood.


Individual files: $20

1 dozen: $200 (Includes Free shipping in the USA (Hawaii and Alaska are excluded)

100 File bulk pricing is available.  100 files for $1000 with Free shipping in the USA (Hawaii and Alaska are excluded) 

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These have been sitting on a shelf for quite some time.  Some files have small spots of surface rust.  This doesn't affect the function of the file.  

Customer Reviews

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Peter Bovey
The files you didn’t know existed

I inherited most of my files when I left home as a young man. I did not know what a sharp file felt like or how it worked. For decades, I made do with those old worn out files. When I finally broke down and bought some new ones, I was amazed at how well they worked, but shortly thereafter, files became too expensive to make well and power hand tools like angle grinders started making them almost obsolete.
Well these files are the real deal, made from the time when metal workers and machinists depended on files to remove just enough metal to get a job done or a good fit.
I received my files yesterday and started using them immediately. What a dream! Shaving metal off of alloy steel like it was nothing. I was able to remove 0.020” of steel with 20 strokes from a T-bolt head to make it fit my Thule roof rack. The metal shavings brushed off of the file easily with a stiff bristle brush. I am in heaven! I cannot wait to shape a couple new/old axe heads that I was procrastinating on doing, because I hadn’t found a good source of quality files from a while now. The last of my old Nicholson USA-made files are getting long in tooth and barely take a shaving anymore. I’m glad I bought a few of each of these NOS files you are offering. The half-round files are so smooth that the surface of the bolts look like they have been honed on 400 grit wet-or-dry sandpaper! The long angle lathe file has safe edges for working right up to a perpendicular surface! I love it!
The 14” Mill **** really is The Beast! Looks like a Farrier’s file for horses hooves!
Thank you, thank you, thank you guys for scoring these files and making them available to us!!!
I’ve included photos of two of the new files with the last of my old double cut files that need to be replaced and sent to my knife maker friend to be reborn.
Peter Bovey