Double Bit Axe Handle - 36" - Whiskey River Premium Select

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What is the difference between Grade A handles and Grade B handles? 


A classic working man's double bit handle. This thing is timeless and no-nonsense. It's 36 inches of air dried American Hickory. It's straight and slim and very comfortable in hand. It's been thinned to lessen the fatigue one might experience while swinging a heavier double bit.  Each handle is hand picked by our axe swinging team to ensure its quality!

The dimension of the eye is: 3" x 3/4"


If you really want to add some character to your new hang pick up a walnut wedge!

You can also grab an extra poplar wedge if you want too!


Every axe handle comes with the proper wedge!

Customer Reviews

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Nice handle!

It's a nice handle for being a Grade B. Only gripe was how thick it was. I took it down to about 1" shaft and 1.25" palm swell and it's amazing now. Hardly any hand shock and definitely a tough piece of hickory. Would buy another if this one broke. Looks great with a purple heart wedge aswell!
P.S. I cut this down to 32" since there weren't any in-stock makes for a great axe!

Maxfield Hannum
Wonderful handle

Great axe handle, wonderful quality

Nice, but disappointed

While I can tell that the wood itself is high quality, the handles aren't exactly what I'd call "thinned". Compared to some vintage handles I've kept, these are gigantic and are actually just as thick as some of the handles I've tried to use from the hardware store. I had heard great things from various YouTube channels about these handles, but was kind of disappointed in how thick they are.

Donald Matthies
Best damn handle money can buy!

Very nice solid hickory handle, grain orientation is perfect! I'm very pleased. I'll be putting a Belknap Crusader double bit axe head on this handle.

Robert Keenan
A decent, heavy duty handle

I purchased this handle for an old True Temper Flint Edge Kelly Works double bit Axe I had. It was the only one I could find with a large enough eye to properly fit. Only used it a few times now, but you can tell it is a nice handle, no knots or evidence of weak spots on it.

A few things I did not like about the handle are that it did not come actually 36", full length was more like 35" and that is before you cut off the top once the wedge is set. Second, the lathe indents were still on the butt which I think reduces the overall quality/character of the ax, so I had to sand that off, further shortening the handle. Last, a personal preference would be to have a bell bottom. I always feel in more control with that.

Overall, a quality handle.