Whiskey River Premium Heritage 28NEC - 28" Handle

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Meet our newest addition to our popular Heritage Line of handles - The 28NEC (28" New England Curved)

Do you have a Maine Wedge that has been begging for an authentic handle? 

Good ol' New England has been the heart of the lumberman industry and their handles have always had an iconic shape and feel.   

We sourced a NOS Tatem brand handle and replicated it to be able to offer a remanufactured version of this recognizable New England shape.

There is something so awesome about getting a forgotten piece of history back into working hands. This pattern was made when people depended on their tools for survival so when it came to designing them they were not kidding around.

The reverse neck, straight swell, and thin overall feel make this handle very comfortable while swinging. 

We are offering this in two species of wood for this first run. White Oak and Hickory.

Hickory will be a constant with this handle moving forward but White Oak is going to be very limited if not exclusively on this first run of handles only.

So if you think you'd want this handle in White Oak be sure to get in on this first run. As I said above - we'd love to keep offering them in White Oak but depending on supply I can't guarantee that we will or will not keep carrying the White Oak version.



The handle, as it comes, measures 28", and the palm swell is finished.

 Top of the Eye (eye is tapered): 2 7/16" X 3/4"

Shoulder:  2 1/2" X 7/8"


What is the difference between Grade A handles and Grade B handles? 


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ryan Benson
Perfect handles

I got 3 handles from whiskey river that all had perfect grain orientation and am very happy with everything about my order and the handles

Kyle Brown
Great handle, eye a little small

Phenomenal handle quality and great attention to detail that you expect from the heritage handles. My only beef is that the eye needs to be a little bigger so I can actually fit 3lb maine axes without having gaps. Bums me out because I bought this specifically for a 3lb E&S Kentucky i have but couldn't use it as the eye just didn't have the meat to fill it.

Nathan Van Dyn Hoven
Grade A!

Top notch handle and the NEC is my favorite pattern. Great job Whiskey River

40” and white oak handles

I was on the East coast when these dropped and by the time I got back to WA they were delivered. I’m really stunned by their appearance. Almost worried I’ll mess em up as I still think I’m a novice. But my buddy will love the 28” white oak and my late uncle’s FSS Pulaski will finally get done

Bronko Urness

Super sweet handle! One of my favorites. Real comfy in the hands🤘