J.C. Messer

Syrup Maker, Leather Worker, Verified Mountain Man

Hello, I'm J.C. Messer you may know me from Messer Custom Leather.

I am a leather worker from the Midwest and I'm also a bit of an Axe nut, new, vintage, and everything in between.

I also enjoy a few nights in the woods under the stars or in a canvas tent.

am a 4th generation Maple Syrup producer. I always take an axe to the woods, especially on the tap line!

Whiskey River is a great source to feed my hobbies and for my work tools!

My Favorite Whiskey River Products



The Pulaski is one of the most versitle tools I own for work or camping, on the tap line it is great for clearing fallen branches or digging foot holds on the sides of hills.

When I'm camping it takes on all the chores in one tool, digging a cat hole, splitting and bucking firewood, and even digging my fire pit.

I carry an Elder Anvil Mini Pulaski on my Rokon every time it leaves the shed, I always have a Council Tool full size Pulaski in my truck.

The Pulaski is my most used tool hands down (outside of my leather shop tools)



The why is easy on this one, it's the best rivet setter on the market!

Yes I may be a bit impartial but it really is an amazing tool and I designed it to be the best and easiest setter to use.

100% made in the USA or a lathe thats been in my family for 3 generations.

You can set #9 and #12 burr rivets with this setter and best of all it DOES NOT LEAVE A MARK ON YOUR LEATHER!



I use this stuff on everything...seriously.

Axes, knives, beard, and I'll even spike my mohawk with it.

A truely great all around wax for all your needs!

Thank you for stopping by to learn a bit about me and thank you very much for the support of not only me but also all the fine folks at Whiskey River, I couldn't ask for a better group to work with and trust to tie my name to!

Be sure to use code MESSER10 to save 10% on your first order!