Scout Hatchet Handle - 16" - Whiskey River Premium Select

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This 16" piece of American Hickory is a comfortable curved handle meant to fit a smaller hatchet head like one you would use in the Boy Scouts. They are very ergonomically and would make the perfect handle for a pack-able bushcraft axe! Each handle is hand picked by our excellent team to ensure they are only of the highest quality!

The dimension of the eye is: 1 3/4" x 5/8".


If you really want to add some character to your new hang pick up a walnut wedge!

You can also grab an extra poplar wedge if you want too!


Every axe handle comes with the proper wedge!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great Value

I have tried many sources for cheap tool handles and always got just that. The exceptional quality makes these handles a great value at the price.

I don't waste my time.

I don't waste my time looking for bargain handles. I go to Whisky River and pay whatever they are asking because I know I will get quality and customer service. I really do wish I could visit their store but's far away.

Solid handle

A+ all around, nice grain on the wood. I’m sure it’ll be nice for years to come.

Terry Czarnecki
Good quality..

Never had a quality issue … been happy

Chip Sciarra
Like the best ham sandwich

We all know that place. That place where you can go and get the Best ham sandwich in town. Not sure whether it's the meat, the bread, or that ice cold beer that comes with it, but it is the best around. Maybe it's the wood or the shape or the craftsman ship that goes in to producing it, but these handles are the best ham sandwich around.