Whiskey River Premium Heritage 19C - 19" Handle

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Limited Run of White Oak Available


What is the difference between Grade A handles and Grade B handles? 


This handle is the shortest version of our Heritage Series, one of the coolest lines of handles we have had a chance to put out to date.


I bought an old, old, old steel pattern from a fellow axe junkie on eBay because I fell in love with the shape and that pattern was used to turn the 30C and for inspiration for this 19C.


There is something so awesome about getting a forgotten piece of history back into working hands. This pattern was made when people depended on their tools for survival so when it came to designing them they were not kidding around.


This curvy hickory single bit pattern is designed for axes that have a bit of a taller eye (Connies, Jerseys, etc...) but I'm sure it would feel comfortable on any axe you can fit it into. 


The axe, as it comes, measures 20" but the palm swell is meant to be cut down after the axe is hung to remove any marring or damage from whatever heavy tool you use to hang the axe with.


The edges of the swell also curve slightly upward to give you more grip when swinging.


This is one of those handles that looks fine and dandy in pictures but you don't truly understand how awesome it is until you get to work with it.


This is our first variation of this handle. Each variation we will work with the community to make the eye of this handle fit better and better. Note that in the future this handle will change in the eye section with each release until it is perfect.


This handle will make a wonderful house axe and is designed to have a heavy head hung on it.


Top of the Eye (eye is tapered): 2 3/8" X 3/4"

Shoulder:  2 7/16" X 1"


Raw Hickory with No coatings.



Hickory will be a constant with this handle moving forward but White Oak is going to be very limited if not exclusively on this first run of handles only.

So if you think you'd want this handle in White Oak be sure to get in on this first run. As I said above - we'd love to keep offering them in White Oak but depending on supply I can't guarantee that we will or will not keep carrying the White Oak version.


Includes proper wedge.

Made in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

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Edwin Wittneber
Perfect feel and balance

This little full size handle has the perfect feel and balance like any other of the heritage handle line. If you find yourself questioning whether you should get one, look no further and just get one. You’ll be back for sure, just as I was.

Larry P.
Premium Heritage 19" Handle White Oak

Outstanding handle and would buy it again if I need one

Matt Lipscomb
Very nice handle

Grain orientation is perfect and the oak is a nice touch. Get yourself one, who else do you know that has a heritage oak 19c?

Glenn Leeper
Love the handle.

I've never been disappointed with a whiskey river handle, that being said the 19c has been the best of the bunch so far. Plenty of meat up top to hang a variety of heads. And it feels amazing in the hands! I will be buying a few more in the future.

Blayden Stand

Whiskey River Premium Heritage 19C - 19" Handle