Forest Service Spec Reissue - Council Tool - 28" 2.25lb Boys Axe

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These are currently in the queue at the manufacturing plant with hopes of delivery to you at the end of 2020.  This special price is available for the pre-order only.  Due to the high demand we've received for these, we expect the first shipment to sell out quickly during the pre-order. Once we have these on hand and ready to ship the price will go up. 



We are proud to announce the re-issue of the Iconic 1080 Steel Forest Service Spec Boys Axe on a 28" Premium Handle! This has been a project long in the making.  We've partnered with Council Tool Co. out of Lake Waccamaw, NC, USA to bring back this highly desired woodsman's tool.  These are being freshly forged for us at their facility.  Council has improved the shape of the head specifically creating more crisp and square edges to the poll over the last year.

  • This axe is designed to be stored long periods of time and be ready to work at a moments notice, meaning more time spent using it and less time worrying if it is hung tight and going to hold a sharp edge.


  • A painted head, dipped bit, and composite wedge, helps this axe last longer in storage, which means no matter where you leave it or how long it sits there, when you need it, it will be ready to work!


  • The US Forest Service ordered this axe for their crews to depend on,  for this affordable price you can have that peace of mind just like Wildland Firefighters have for decades before.  


Don't let the name "Boy's Axe" fool you.  This midsize axe is considered the best all-around axe for all ages and sizes.  One tool for many jobs, large enough to get some serious work done but small enough to pack into base camp, strap to your UTV, or keep in the woodshed at your family's cabin.  


The US Forest Service ordered these built to very specific specs:

  • 1080 Steel (1060 construction on our SU Line axes)
  • Painted head and bit
  • 28" Handle. (We upgrade premium grade with BOL finish)
  • Composite wedge
  • Stamped "FSS" (Forest Service Spec)


These come sharpened and ready to use out of the box. Just like with any of our Sport Utility, Woodcraft or Velvicut axes. This means you don't have to waste any time-modifying or sharpening this axe before putting it to work.


We are offering 2 leather options this axe (see drop-down menu)

  • Carry System Including Full leather sheath w/adjustable sling in Chocolate brown/nickel hardware (FREE MASK included with this option.)
  • Mask: Chocolate brown/nickel hardware (FREE with the purchase of the sheath/sling during this preorder)

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End of 2020 Delivery ***pending any delays in manufacturing