The Phoenix Fox

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If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind axe to take center stage in your axe collection - this is the one for you.

This axe is the product of a bit of experimentation by The Guild - a prototype - a true 1 of 1. 

The Guild members took a normal, off-the-shelf Flying Fox and turned it into something that looks like it should be under a secure glass case in a museum somewhere.

This Fox started its journey as an axe that we held back due to a poor hang (it was useable - it just didn't meet our quality standards.)

We then tossed it to The Guild and they dismantled it and got to work creating one of the craziest axes I've ever seen.

The head was sent to Evan Watson (@thehandengraver) to work his magic turning this normal, crude Flying Fox head into a pristine canvas for a custom piece of his amazing hand engraving.

It was then sent to Taylor Putnam (@taylorgrinds) to be hung on the curliest handle to ever come through Whiskey River HQ. This hypnotic 19" piece of hickory is hand-dyed to really bring out the curls in the wood.

The custom leather mask was handcrafted by Josh of Wyoming Axe & Saw. The mask is comprised of 9oz veg tanned leather and is dyed in a custom Sunburst pattern that compliments the color of the handle perfectly. 

They really outdid themselves on this truly 1 of 1 "Phoenix Fox".

This project demonstrates exactly what The Guild has been so good at proving time and time again - some things are so much more than the sum of their parts. 

Like I said above - this project was meant as a proof of concept - it was a prototype.

We haven't yet decided to move forward on producing a few similar versions of this axe but even if we do each one will be an extremely rare 1 of 1.

This is your chance to own what could very well be both the only axe like this we ever produce and the best version of a Flying Fox to ever exist.

Many talented hands came together to make The Phoenix Fox a reality and I am incredibly excited to see this axe go to an Axe Junkie that will truly appreciate the amount of thought, hard work, and craftsmanship that went into creating such a unique piece of art.

** Note the handle does curve ever so slightly from true but that's the price we pay for such a curly piece of hickory and since this is meant to be a display piece it really does not affect it.**