Premium Birch Wood Axe Wedges

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If you want to add a little extra character to your favorite axe or hatchet then this wedge will definitely get it done for you.  The premium Birch wood wedges provide the perfect amount of contrast to the eye of your axe when paired with one of our American Hickory handles. 
A few smacks, a little boiled linseed oil, and you're back to work!
Wedge Dimensions:

Small Wedge - Approx. 2" wide, 7/16" thick at the top, 2 3/8" long*

Large Wedge - Approx. 3" wide, 7/16" thick at the top, 3 3/8" long*
*each wedge may vary on exact measurements slightly

Customer Reviews

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Gil Fredsall
I also like the sicamore wedges you can pound them in farther

Hard wedges are better, they can be driven in farther. Popular wedges don't work for me you can not drive them in enough to have them hold because the shrink.

WR for the win!

All three flavors look great. Never expected less. I always buy the largest size to fit most any head. And trim pieces can be used for multicolor wedge work!

Ron C
It's a Birch!

Great wedges


Grate source of wedges

David Vaughn
Great Quality Fair Price

You get premium wood that you will not be disappointed with! I was impressed with the price as well. In fact, the quality and consistency of the wood used far exceeds that of other vendors I've used.