Cruiser Double Bit Axe Handle - 20" - Whiskey River Premium Select

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What is the difference between Grade A handles and Grade B handles? 


I'll have to admit we have a little crush over here on Cruiser Double Bits. We can't help it and we wouldn't try to even if we could. Here's another expertly crafted cruiser handle we have to offer you. It's a slender and ergonomic 20 inch piece of dried American Hickory. Each handle is hand picked by our axe swinging team to ensure its quality!

The dimension of the eye: ~ 2 1/4 x 3/4.


If you really want to add some character to your new hang pick up a walnut wedge!

You can also grab an extra poplar wedge if you want too!


All axes come with the proper wedges!

Customer Reviews

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Alan Campbell
Ancient Club

I bought what was advertised on eBay as a 2 1/2 pound “cruiser” double bit. The photos presented did a good job of obscuring the fact that it was no such thing. It started out with a very crappy looking oddly hung handle which I had removed before shipping. When I got it, It was…
2 1/2 pounds
Double bit
No ID stamps/markings
Shaped in classic hour-glass design (Sager-style shape)
What is it?=don’t know
Don’t know what it ever would have been used for
Never seen anything like it
It is truly unique
Beat to **** and pretty much junk.
I’m sure I got took.
I kept it anyway
I am using it as an experimental head, practicing the fine art of restoration, remodeling, revamping, re everything.
HOWEVER…with the addition of the FINE Whiskey River handle I purchased from you guys, I will turn it into something that can truly be loved. The feel of this handle is perfect.
I have to slightly modify the size as the eye of this old head is 2 1/4 x 5/8 bottom 1/16 over each demension on top.
It is currently a work in progress and may be a couple weeks coming round.
I can send photos of the finished product if you would like to see them.

rex carlson
Very cool

very nice as always

Dustin B
Great products!

I have bought a couple handles from whiskey river over the past couple months and have not been disappointed in any of them. All the handles I have received so far have fit up nicely, without having to remove a bunch of material. I fit this handle up to a double but I got from a whiskey river auction, and I love it! I am certainly going to continue to buy from Brandon and this awesome company he has.

William Gumerson
Love my cruiser handle

Love my cruiser handle, it’s perfect for my new hand forged double bit canoe axe that I designed!

Bill Pasquill
Crusier handle

Excellent. Just what I hoped it to be. Perfect fit. Very well satisfied. Thanks guys