Some Thoughts On My Business...

Some Thoughts On My Business...

     Happy Thursday!  The end of the work week is near! I was sitting drinking my morning coffee thinking and figured I’d write you folks.


     I want to take this moment to show you what Whiskey River Art & Trading Co. looks like.  This photo was taken yesterday at our monthly sales meeting.  This meeting allows us to get on the same page from the month prior and talk about goals for the next month. Along with these strategies and details, we also share food. This is crucial and a big priority for me as the leader of this company.  Sitting down for a meal before a meeting brings us all together as friends.  Last night was venison steaks (that Jackie and her husband harvested last fall) and mashed potatoes. Freaking amazing!!  We are a tight group.  We are weird. Our interests vary. We are Artists, Pickers, Makers and Travelers.  All of us are busy in our own lives but this company feeds us and we live for it.


      We oftentimes are grouped into a pile with other online companies. Since we do not have a brick-and-mortar store it is hard to show who we are. It's common for a consumer to assume a business is bigger than it really is. Anyone who has been around a small business knows this struggle.


     Frustrations are had that we don't ship same day, that we don't reply to an email within the hour, that our inventory is low for a few weeks, or that product descriptions are missing a bit of information. This is to be expected. This is also welcomed (as long as it is done respectfully) since it is a challenge to know exactly what YOU as our customers want.


     We are people who are trying our hardest to bring you true and honest products and service. We are far from being a corporate empire. I want you to understand that your words don't go unheard whether they are positive or negative. We're transparent and always willing to help. We value all of our customers whether it is their first order or fiftieth.  I (and my team) can not thank you enough for your support over the last few years.

The team

Meet our Whiskey River family:

Jackie (who is about to bring an amazing 2nd generation of Whiskey River into this world in the next couple weeks)


Gretchen (who keeps me organized and is just finishing up her internship at a local Graphic Design shop)


Me (who really likes steak and selling things)


Dalton (who is amazing with our marketing. Shameless plug check him out on Instagram: @officalcounciltooldealer. He also just bought a watercolor manufacturing company with his wife last week)



Sales Manager/Lead Artist

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