The Pickaroon - 36" Curved Handle

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The Pickaroon is a curious-looking tool that gets looked over and underestimated on an almost continuous basis.

Besides saving you a lot of time, the Pickaroon will also save your shoulders, back, and knees.

Put simply, the Pickaroon is designed to help you move a piece of wood from over there to over here.

In practice that looks like:

  • Picking up firewood (rounds or split) off the ground without having to bend over
  • Carrying rounds from place to place at your side (essentially adding a handle to your wood)
  • Dragging a piece out of the bed of your truck without having to climb up into it
  • pulling or pushing a slab through the mill or table saw
  • Rolling logs or bigger rounds
  • Pulling small logs across the ground

The list can go on and on, but I think you get my point - this tool has countless uses, and each one helps your work move faster and your body last longer.

The pick is designed in such a way that you only need to sharpen one facet of the pick to maintain or change its cutting and sticking power. All you need to do is take a flat hand file to the factory-sharpened edge for a few strokes - it's that simple.

You can make your work of moving rounds faster and more comfortable by having a Pickaroon in both hands. Not only are you able to do twice the amount of work but having a balanced load makes it much easier for your body to handle.

This 36" Curved Pickaroon is perfect for anytime you need to reach in order to grab and pull or push the wood you're working with but the 28" version is much more suited for firewood, up close and personal type task.

Specs and design elements (From Council Tool):

~ 1.5 lbs. head with good balance.

~ 3-sided pick, sharpened to a point out of the box.

~ Under-cutter on the bottom side of the pick that can be used to cleave off small limbs, and brush.

~ Large poll face to help drive/pound bucking wedges, or small/medium felling wedges.

~ Full-sized standard axe eye for readily available replacement handles.

 36” curved waxed handle option with fawn’s foot.

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Looks and works great, really nice handle thanks bud