Universal Large Leather Utility Mask

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This mask is made with quality leather and with your workhorse of an axe in mind.

This mask will take a beating and still be there to keep your axe safe! It is everything you need to quickly and effectively protect the edge of your axe from the world and the rest of the world from the edge of your axe!

Great for axe enthusiasts or that use their axes out in the field and like to be able to toss their axes in the bed of their truck or the floor of their garage and not have to worry about a loved one accidentally stumbling into raw sharpened steel or having to reshape your edge after it falls from the tailgate to the ground.  

Premium Crazy Horse leather mask with adjustable strap.

Fits most large axes with a cutting edge of up to 5.25 inches.

The Large Mask fits the Council Tool: Miners Axe, 8lbs Firemans Axe, and any of our Jersey Pattern Axes!

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Quality!

At this price point, you would be hard pressed to get a better veg tan axe mask. It may not be as fancy as others on the market, but the quality is great, the versatility is great, and most importantly…it functions as designed.
I continue to be pleased with my purchases from Whiskey River.

Joe Reis

Universal Large Leather Utility Mask

Universal Large Leather Utility Mask on Council Tool Jersey axe

I bought the Universal Large Leather Utility Mask for the 3.5# Council Tool Sport Utility Classic Jersey axe. The mask is well-made with quality leather and fits great. I oiled it with mink oil and expect a life-time of protection for my new axe.

Another thing: The support from Whiskey River Trading is great. I had to make a change to my online order and they were great to work with.


Great product. Does exactly what it's designed for. I add a homemade leather conditioner to it and it really adds to the color.

David J
Necessity for axe !!!!

OK !!!! Utilitarian straight forward accessory to hopefully prevent ME from
cutting MYSELF AGAIN. I like my edged tools wicked sharp. Good thick quality leather, just oil the **** out of it to slow down the rust.