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This historic Maine Wedge pattern camp axe was forged by the skilled hands of the craftsman of Brant & Cochran.

The head is 1.75lbs of forged 1050 carbon steel and it is hung proudly on an Amish turned 17" American hickory handle.

You can throw this axe in your pack and take it anywhere you want to go.

Take this along on a kayak or canoe trip, backpacking through the Appalachians, or put it in the cabin of your truck.

1.75lbs may not seem like too much but on this length handle with the type of geometry and craftsmanship, this axe has you would be very, very surprised.

Besides being incredibly functional and reliable this axe is a work of art.

You can really tell that everyone that touched this thing from design to manufacturing is incredibly passionate about axes and takes great pride in their work.

(Seriously...go look through the pictures again and see how many more details pop out at you. As one of my mentors used to say "How you do one thing is how you do everything.)

This beautiful little brute of an axe is the perfect upgrade to your camping or hiking gear.

The Dirigo Belt Axe is a tool that you'll want to pass down to your kids after the years of warmth and dinners cooked over a campfire it provides you with.

 Cutting edge of the Dirigo is ~ 3 1/4"

**Comes with Maine Crafted Leather mask**


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Brian Kroessin (briakroessi0)
Brant&Cochran Dirigo Belt Axe

I have the Allegash Cruiser and wanted the baby brother Dirigo. Two of the finest blades in history. Total Smithsonian American treasure. I was surprised by the weight of the Dirigo. Not bad but reminded me of a small axe rather than a hatchet. But the handle is proportional and this bad **** chops like a champ. Very impressive tool and leave it to Whiskey River to come through with a good price and an excellent exchange. Very happy!