Council Tool Flying Fox - Throwing/Camping Hatchet

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  • This axe is balanced in a way that it chops more effectively and flies straight and true which means you spend less time learning how to handle it and more time hitting bulls-eyes and cutting clean.
  • A hardened poll so you can pound in tent stakes so that your tent or camp doesn’t blow away from you or your family.
  • The head is 1.75 lbs of 1060 steel which qualifies for various throwing leagues which means as soon as this axe arrives you can go make your friends look bad at league night.
  • At just under 16” for the curved and just over 21” for the straight, this axe was made to be easily packed away which means an easier trip into camp for you whether that be by canoe, truck, or backpack.


This resilient, aerodynamic, little bruiser is just as comfortable soaring through the air as it is relaxing next to the campfire, revelling in the heat of the wood it just prepared. At just under 1.75 lbs the hatchet not only qualifies as a competitive throwing axe but is also an amazing option for anyone backpacking or canoeing into the wilderness. 


Here is a hatchet that your wife, child, or local hippy would not be afraid of picking up and using!  No more rainy off days in the woods while the kids complain about being bored. Grab your Flying Fox, find some standing dead wood, and have a camp throwing competition! 

The sleek design is an amalgamation of a few mid 20th-century hatchets with a few modern touches thrown in. The flying fox also carries a hardened poll, an attribute that is unusual (because the extra effort the process of dual hardening requires) to find on such an inexpensive hatchet!  

This hardened poll allows the user to safely use the Flying Fox to things such as pound tent stakes, smash old toilets, test steel-toed boots, and even bounce off the ground safely (for may want to stay on your toes) on the off chance you ever hit a throwing target wrong while using it! 

Long story short. This adventure hatchet is an all-around bushcraft tool that is a capable, pack-able, and all-around incredible piece of gear to take with you into the woods or to throw at a target. The Flying Fox can take anything you throw at it and anything you throw it at!

Leather NOT included BUT...

Our Council Tool Medium Utility Sheath fits this amazing axe! Pick yours up by clicking here!

Chocolate brown mask:

Also check out our HDPE Full sheath for this axe here:

Looking for a full carry setup? The Camp Carver Full leather sheath and sling fits wonderfully!

Or our Council Tool Factory Replacement handle HERE


Head weight… 1 lbs. 11 oz. (Just under 1.75 lbs.)
Bit length… 3 7/8” (Just under 4”)
Hardened bit and poll.
Handle has a large hatchet eye, trimmed to be under 16” for the curved and just over 21” for the straight (Hickory)


** This is a standard axe so grain orientation is not guaranteed. **

Customer Reviews

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This company is awesome

I bought a bunch of handles and wedges and they put this axe in there as a surprise and man do I love this little thing definitely going to be buying them for presents in the future.

Kevin Averill
Council USA!

As advertised, just what I needed, and expected.

Charles B
Best present ever.

I bought two of the Council Tool flying fox as Christmas presents, one for each of my sons. I was told “dad these are the best Christmas presents ever.” I was super happy with both of them. The fit and finish on both was excellent. They were both user sharp right out of the box Both my boys, age 9 and 11 love them. We have put to work processing lots of small pieces of wood, branches, and kindling for our burn barrel. I anticipate them being able to use them for years to come. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at whiskey river trading.

David Gimblett

Awesome service and great axe. Great people to work with. Will buy again from them. And will tell my friends about them. Thank you for the great service. David

Chris Sorenson
Flying Fox 21 inch

I loved the 16-in curved version so much that I had to get the 21 in straight handle! It's crazy how different the same bit on a longer handle feels. The 16 is more packable but you get more swinging power on the 21. It's glides right through sizable split wood, and smaller cut logs making firewood and kindling. They're both very capable and useful tool. Lots of versatility for different applications. As an axe enthusiast... I had to have both! Haha