Premium Purpleheart Axe Wedges

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If you want to add a little extra character to your favorite axe or hatchet then this wedge will definitely get it done for you.  The premium Purpleheart wedges provide the perfect amount of contrast to the eye of your axe when paired with one of our American Hickory handles. 
A few smacks with a mallet, some boiled linseed oil, and these wedges are ready to go. 
Wedge Dimensions:
Hatchet / Novelty Wedge - Approx. 2" wide, 7/16" thick at the top, 2 3/8" long*
Single Bit Wedge - Approx. 2 1/2" wide, 7/16" thick at the top, 2 3/4" long*
Double Bit Wedge - Approx. 3" wide, 7/16" thick at the top, 3 3/8" long*
*each wedge may vary on exact measurements slightly

Customer Reviews

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Lafoia Ava
Beautiful Wedges

I used one of these Purple Heart wedges in a Premium Whiskey River 28" Hickory Cruiser handle for a vintage True Temper Flint Edge Kelly Works double bit. It turned out beautifully. Nice quality wedges. At a great price.

Awesome Wedges

Snagged one of these wedges for hanging a double bit on a 32” Adirondack handle. The contrast is awesome! The wedge is nice and hard and went in no problem with very little shaping on my end. Great touch of color on your axe job.