Council Tool - 14" Standard Hatchet Replacement Handle

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14″ Curved Hatchet Handle 

Made of Hickory

This Handle is a factory direct replacement for the Council Tool 1.25# Hudson Bay and 1.5# Hatchet.

NO Premium Grain Guarantee.  This is a standard line handle.

**This handle is free of any Council Tool markings,  Will work for many larger eyed hatchets not just Council Tool Axes!

Customer Reviews

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kristopher skelton
great size

I made the hatchet in the attached photo roughly 14 years ago. The head is forged from 1" square 1018, the eye was slit-and-drifted by hand, and the cutting face is 1095 forge welded into a mouth that I hot chiseled into the body (as opposed to some constructions that lay the cutting bit next to the body for welding). Until today it had a handle in the same design as your 14" rigger's handle.

I just had the pleasure of making small modifications to your standard hatchet replacement handle and re-hanging my hatchet. The curve is just what I'd hoped for, and I much appreciate the inclusion of a wood wedge. It's soaking up a tray of boiled linseed oil and I cannot wait to get out to the woods to get chopping!

psychic prepper
council 14 inch handle

I have a old child hood Sweden hatchet. I had to replace the handle .
this was a good choice. Although I put the metal wedge in wrong.
With Gorilla glue to fill in. An some sanding of handle . I put some Howards cutting board . On it this is very well made and the price is right.