Council Tool Flying Fox - Curved Handle

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  • This axe is balanced in a way that it chops more effectively and flies straight and true which means you spend less time learning how to handle it and more time hitting bulls-eyes and cutting clean.
  • A hardened poll so you can pound in tent stakes so that your tent or camp doesn’t blow away from you or your family.
  • The head is 1.75 lbs of 1060 steel which qualifies for various throwing leagues which means as soon as this axe arrives you can go make your friends look bad at league night.
  • At just under 16”, this axe was made to be easily packed away which means an easier trip into camp for you whether that be by canoe, truck, or backpack.


This resilient, aerodynamic, little bruiser is just as comfortable soaring through the air as it is relaxing next to the campfire, revelling in the heat of the wood it just prepared. At just under 1.75 lbs the hatchet not only qualifies as a competitive throwing axe but is also an amazing option for anyone backpacking or canoeing into the wilderness. 


Here is a hatchet that your wife, child, or local hippy would not be afraid of picking up and using!  No more rainy off days in the woods while the kids complain about being bored. Grab your Flying Fox, find some standing dead wood, and have a camp throwing competition! 

The sleek design is an amalgamation of a few mid 20th-century hatchets with a few modern touches thrown in. The flying fox also carries a hardened poll, an attribute that is unusual (because the extra effort the process of dual hardening requires) to find on such an inexpensive hatchet!  

This hardened poll allows the user to safely use the Flying Fox to things such as pound tent stakes, smash old toilets, test steel-toed boots, and even bounce off the ground safely (for may want to stay on your toes) on the off chance you ever hit a throwing target wrong while using it! 

Long story short. This adventure hatchet is an all-around bushcraft tool that is a capable, pack-able, and all-around incredible piece of gear to take with you into the woods or to throw at a target. The Flying Fox can take anything you throw at it and anything you throw it at!

Leather NOT included BUT...

Pick up a leather mask here!

Looking for a full carry setup? The Camp Carver Full leather sheath and sling fits wonderfully!

Or our Council Tool Factory Replacement handle HERE


Head weight… 1 lbs. 11 oz. (Just under 1.75 lbs.)
Bit length… 3 7/8” (Just under 4”)
Hardened bit and poll.
Handle has a large hatchet eye, trimmed to be under 16”


** This is a standard axe so grain orientation is not guaranteed. **

Customer Reviews

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So good I have two

Curved Handle Flying Fox

Came well packaged and sharp right out of the box. Three coats of BLO and some stain mixed together really made the grain pop. Well balanced and throws fantastic. Love this little guy and I’ll be getting another one or maybe two more down the road.

Dylan Baker

I absolutely love this hatchet. We use them as trophy axes for our second place winners in our league, and everyone loves to throw them. They are out of the box ready for whatever you want to use it for! I have purchased many and the most reasonable for price and shipping speed is BY FAR Whiskey River!! I use one as a thrower and the other for any yard or camping projects and both have held up beautifully! If I needed more than two I would most definitely buy more. If you take the time to polish the head and shine it up it is absolutely beautiful!


Great camp or truck axe

The best mom ever!
Flying fox

It looks great to me. The true review will be when my son receives it. It's a Christmas gift for him. Stay tuned. Appreciate the promo discount and the quick response to questions.