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5# Single bit Splitting axe with 36″ or 28" straight handle. This thing is a laser beam through firewood rounds.  When turning large chunks of wood into smaller chunks of wood is the task at hand... this is the one you want!    The cutting edge is approximately 4.5″ of overall length. 


This axe comes in both 36" and 28" handle lengths. Choose which length you'd like when you go to checkout.


The 28" Handle makes a GREAT Fallers Axe!


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Here are what a few other customers had to say:

  • Forged steel head. Made in USA.
  • Hand sharpened, tapered bit for cutting and splitting.
  • ANSI Standards call for bit hardness of Rc 45-60, at least ½ inch back from the cutting edge. Council Tool internal standards call for tempered bit hardness of Rc 48-55 and we target 1-1/4 inches from the cutting edge. The poll and eye walls are not hardened and remain in the as forged condition.
  • Head coated with boiled Linseed Oil over the as forged finish.
  • 36″ straight American hickory handle. Eye section is dried to below 10% moisture content to minimize shrinkage and help prevent loosening.
  • Axe head is hydraulically seated onto handle and secured with a wooden wedge.
  • The interior detail of the eye is tapered and allows for a strong mechanical bond. Approximately 1/2″ of the overall length of the handle is removed during assembly.

** This is a standard axe so grain orientation is not guaranteed. **


The Coucil Tool large leather mask fits this axe,  Grab yours HERE

Our HDPE Mask fits this axe also!  HERE


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Customer Reviews

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Wei Own
A handsome battle axe of a work axe!

Bought the 36 incher last autumn to suppliment my splitting axes/mauls lineup... and to support a 'Made in the USA' company.

The axe arrived while I was splitting in the backyard and I just had to put it right into a few swings. After checking out the nicely finished axe head and well oriented, clear handle, the rounds went 'CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!'.... I was fully impressed to say the least!

So impressed that I had to get my hands on the 28 incher to boot!

The 36 incher for larger logs and the 28 incher is easier to control for the smaller stuff.... The 28 incher arrived in just as impressive qulity as the 36 incher did.... A little sanding of the handle before some boiled linseed oil, a slight check on the edge, and off we go for more whistling while we work!

Whiskey River is great merchant in my book!.... Great service, communications, and is focused on good ol' Made in USA products!

Don Miller
1 year review

Great axe it is my go too for any heavy duty wood chopping that needs to be done

Michael Normandy III
#5 Splitter/Feller. Great tool! Amazing Axe!

This is my first CT purchase after many many failed Amazon attempts to get the (which I now know it as the old style) 28” Hudson Bay pattern (I rec’d two wrong orders and just gave up) then heard UrbanLumberjack mention WR, checked out the YT, then the web page and saw the 5lb splitter available (and for much cheaper than it is online) and also available with both the ~30” and 28” handles - as I needed another splitting axe and got very sick of using 6+ lb mauls!

This thing is awesome! Handle came perfect. No issues. Just BLO as usually for me. The bit needed some work. I have seen it only as advertised (about 3/4” of grind) the one I rec’d barely had 1/16” grind, regardless - out the box, it hammered those rounds! Love it! Love swinging it, love that it splits like a mail but feels like a felling axe! Just needed to do some work to the bit, but it’s still 5/5 for me! Thanks Brandon and WR!

Def looking forward to my next whiskey River….not sure what yet, but I wish the old style Hudson Bay was still available :/. I really like the thick stubby pole! Cheers!

Council 5lb beast..

This axe is great out of the box for splitting rounds. It has more of a wedge profile so it doesn’t get stuck in the wood and has great weight to it. The handle is more slender and feels good in the hands. The only thing that felt different at first is that it has a layer of wax on it to keep moisture away. After using it for a day it doesn’t feel bad and if you don’t like it you can lightly sand it off. An awesome purchase at an awesome price. I’d buy another one in a heartbeat.

William Wintersteen
Over priced

This is the same axe you can buy for almost half the price elsewhere