Whiskey River Premium Heritage 30C - 30" Handle

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What is the difference between Grade A handles and Grade B handles? 


This handle is one of the coolest handles we have had a chance to put out to date.


I bought an old, old, old steel pattern from a fellow axe junkie on eBay because I fell in love with the shape and that pattern was used to turn this handle.


There is something so awesome about getting a forgotten piece of history back into working hands. This pattern was made when people depended on their tools for survival so when it came to designing them they were not kidding around.


This curvy hickory single bit pattern is designed for axes that have a bit of a taller eye (Connies, Jerseys, etc...) but I'm sure it would feel comfortable on any axe you can fit it into. 


The axe, as it comes, measures 31" but the palm swell is meant to be cut down after the axe is hung to remove any marring or damage from whatever heavy tool you use to hang the axe with.


The edges of the swell also curve slightly upward to give you more grip when swinging.


This is one of those handles that looks fine and dandy in pictures but you don't truly understand how awesome it is until you get to work with it.


This is our third variation of this handle. Each variation we have worked with the community to make the eye of this handle fit better. Please see the new dimensions of the eye below. 


Top of the Eye (eye is tapered): 2 1/2" X 15/16"

Shoulder:  2 7/8" X 1"

Customer Reviews

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The best handles

This is a great handle. I love that there's a lot of wood to work with for the axe eye, it can fit a large eye or a smaller one with some work. This handle makes the axe feel like a natural part of the hand. It was my only choice for my black raven and my plumb champion axe

Mitch from Duluth
Heritage Heaven in your Hands

While I haven’t been quick enough on the keyboard to pick up a Grade A (these things sell out for a reason), I was fortunate enough to get a “see” grade handle from their Iron River open house. Even with a “see” grade, words cannot describe the perfect fit this handle is in my hands. After a little sanding and applying my favorite axe wax, this handle is ready for a Connie head which is on the way. Just like smoking my favorite cigar, I can’t wait to take my time and enjoy the hang process.

By far the best heritage/vintage curvy handle I have gotten my hands on. Thank you Whiskey River for the time and effort to produce such a beautiful work of art.

Top Shelf

I'm not an axe maker, a blacksmith, or a tradesmen of any kind. However, I do use axes, and I recently bought a restored axe from Ethan Goss at Sugar Shack Forge. The Collins Connecticut Pattern axe, as Ethan puts it, "is hung on a wickedly slim and curvy 30c handle, from Whiskey River Tool Co.. This handle pattern was meant for this style axe...". I must say, I completely agree with Ethan! This axe handle looks amazing and feels amazing in the hand. As an end user, I'd buy and recommend the Premium Heritage 30c handle from Whiskey River, again and again. Top shelf item, there is no doubt about it.

S Brown
Get your spokeshave or drawknife ready

Very nice handle. Just be prepared to do a lot, and I mean a lot of work to get it to properly fit the eye of just about any head. I've fitted 4 of these so far, and never had to work more to make a handle fit properly than on these. Obviously whoever makes these for Whiskey River is aware if they are on the 3rd variation so far. I just fit one from their latest batch in April, and I can't tell that there are any improvements so far. Would be 5-star if they could get this fixed.

Benton Frisse
Curvy and LUSCIOUS

Look folks, this handle though...

Let's put it this way. I would take this handle out for a fine seafood dinner. I mean the whole shebang. Appetizers, entrée, dessert, and 100% call it back afterwards.

Stellar quality handle. Top notch grain, excellent finish, and fast shipping.