Double Bit Pulaski Axe Handle - 40" - Whiskey River Premium Select

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This beast of an axe handle is designed for the serious woodsman in mind. It is specifically created for axes like the classic Puget Sound felling axes or Pulaskis. This beauty is sure to tackle any task you set before it. Each of these massive handles are hand picked by our talented team to ensure they are of the highest quality!

The dimensions of the eye is: 3 1/8" x 1" 

Overall length 40"

***This handle is Free of any coatings and it Raw hickory.

Every axe handle comes with the proper wedge!

Customer Reviews

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Jack Nemeyer, Jacks Axe and Tools
40” Double Bit Handle

These are excellent handles . I ordered two and I will order a couple more . The finish of the wood is very smooth and the grain orientation is good too.
Another winner from Whiskey River !! Thank you!
Jacks axe and tools .

Ernest Rautenberg
Top drawer 👍🏻

Haven’t had a opportunity to hang em yet but very nice grain orientation. So as for now they’re climatizing, thank you 😊

David Adams
Nice handle

Nice handle. Straight grain. The only thing that would make it better is if it came with a wedge.