Whiskey River Premium Heritage 32C - 32" Handle

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What is the difference between Grade A handles and Grade B handles? 

This is the bigger brother of our popular 30C!

I bought an old, old, old steel pattern from a fellow axe junkie on eBay because I fell in love with the shape and that pattern was used to turn the 30C and for inspiration for the 28C and now the 32C.

There is something so awesome about getting a forgotten piece of history back into working hands. This pattern was made when people depended on their tools for survival so when it came to designing them they were not kidding around.

 This curvy hickory single bit pattern is designed for axes that have a bit of a taller eye (Connies, Jerseys, etc...) but I'm sure it would feel comfortable on any axe you can fit it into.  

The edges of the swell also curve slightly upward to give you more grip when swinging.

This is one of those handles that looks fine and dandy in pictures but you don't truly understand how awesome it is until you get to work with it.

Top of the Eye (eye is tapered): 2 1/2" X 15/16"

Shoulder:  2 7/8" X 1"

Customer Reviews

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Brian Olsen

Whiskey River Premium Heritage 32C - 32" Handle

Justin Todd
Very nice handle

As always Whiskey River did not disappoint with this handle. I ended up mounting a nice 5# head on it and am very happy with the end result.

John Arnett
American haft.

I hung a very large American on the 32c. It was 51/2 pounds. It needed the extra length. This head has a great splitting profile and having the extra length really helps generate a lot more momentum. Thank you for crafting a beautiful handle my friends. This handle would really compliment a tazzy also.

Premium Heritage 32c

Top notch wood grain orientation.Plenty of wood to customize the fit to eye.Also the shank is not sized to soy boy yuppie hands.So you daintie boys can sand it down to your liking.The large **** on the end rocks,it allows a person to relax the grip and really let her fly.And the curves are just plain ****.

David Scott
Just what I needed!

The "C" line of handles are incredible. Here's the 30C (right) and 32C (left) finishing at 29" and 30 ¹/⁴" couldn't be happier with the result