Leather Overstrike Collar

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We hope to offer different variants in the future.

I know you have never, ever, ever missed a strike with your axe, and that ONE TIME you were slightly off it definitely wasn't so far off that your handle made contact with the wood you were splitting.

I wish I was as good as you with an axe however, for me, overstrike collars have been a worthwhile investment.

They aren't going to save your axe from being run over by a car or trampled on by a bull moose but they will help protect your handle from the occasional misplaced strike.

You either spent time and energy hanging your axe on your handle or you bought an axe and you don't want to spend the time and energy rehanging it on a new handle until you absolutely have to.

Either way, we can agree that anything that helps a handle last longer is something worth considering.

These handmade leather collars by Badger Claw Leather will do just that. They will help keep your axe handle looking better and lasting longer.

These are universal and will fit most axes.  The strip of leather is included to allow the leather to be attached to the handle right below the head. 

Proudly Made in the USA!

Customer Reviews

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To be honest, I don’t think it was worth $28. It doesn’t follow the shape of axe head , it’s basically a square piece of leather with holes in it.

Adds just that touch of protection

This collar was just what I needed as I have several people just learning the joys of using axes. Their enthusiasm is greater than their skill for now and the collar did an excellent job of protecting the handle. And the leather looks fantastic

Nathan Peters
Overstrike Collar, great quality

Buy THIS one, NOT some BS from Amazon. For the price, you can't do better. Or buy some imported cheap **** and end up rehanging your axe later. Looks great too

Mario Frenette

Well once again very happy with my purchase a few wedges, card file etc…next purchase premium hickory handles!!

Frank Holloway
I bought two!!

First of all I want to say Whiskey River Art is a fantastic small business that all axe enthusiasts need to support. Brandon is great.

The leather over strike collar is a simple and well made piece of kit. It’s a one size fits all but no need to worry, it laces up well and the fit is just fine. Along with the usefulness of the collar it adds a nice look to the axe. Something about steel, wood, and leather that just goes together. If you’re on the fence don’t hesitate, give one a try.