Universal HDPE Axe Mask

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Many of us own vintage restored axes or modern made axes that either didn't come with a mask or came with one that was too flimsy to inspire confidence. Made from our tough-as-nails PetroCor™ HDPE polymer, this axe mask fits from roughly boy's axe-sized axes through even very large full-sized American-style axes and mauls. Lightweight and impervious to the elements, the mask is held together with gunmetal-finished brass rivets and a handy snap buckle that allows for snap strap-style release with a custom-sized fit. Features a slot 5-1/2" wide between the center post of the rivets. Bear in mind that thicker bits will cause this slot to narrow as it conforms to the bit. Use two snapped to one another for double bit axes!

To install the buckle without cosmetically scuffing the strap, insert the strap through one end of the buckle and then bend the strap 180° and insert the strap through the other end. Adjust so that the buckle can freely pivot along the arc of the 180° bend a short distance. Use this approach to walk the buckle to the location where you want it, and the buckle will grip the strap firmly.


100% USA Made.  All the way down to the hardware.

Customer Reviews

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Not very durable...

Strap buckle broke off after first use. Mask still provides decent edge protection when transporting in truck bed

David Dolen
HDPE Universal Axe Mask

Inexpensive precaution for the axs I am working on or storing. I prefer leather however due to cost I use leather on my favorite ax's and these on the ones that I havn't put the time into restoring as yet. They work well, and for the price can't be beat.

Jeremy Devers
Great mask.

Bought 3 of these. Works great! Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Will be getting more soon.

HDPE mask

The bit of my Connie measures 5 1/4". This fits like a glove! If the bit was any wider I don't think it would fit. A great product at an affordable price!

James Williams

Fit me axe great, thank you for a good product will be buying more!