Universal HDPE Axe Mask

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Many of us own vintage restored axes or modern made axes that either didn't come with a mask or came with one that was too flimsy to inspire confidence. Made from our tough-as-nails PetroCor™ HDPE polymer, this axe mask fits from roughly boy's axe-sized axes through even very large full-sized American-style axes and mauls. Lightweight and impervious to the elements, the mask is held together with gunmetal-finished brass rivets and a handy snap buckle that allows for snap strap-style release with a custom-sized fit. Features a slot 5-1/2" wide between the center post of the rivets. Bear in mind that thicker bits will cause this slot to narrow as it conforms to the bit. Use two snapped to one another for double bit axes!

To install the buckle without cosmetically scuffing the strap, insert the strap through one end of the buckle and then bend the strap 180° and insert the strap through the other end. Adjust so that the buckle can freely pivot along the arc of the 180° bend a short distance. Use this approach to walk the buckle to the location where you want it, and the buckle will grip the strap firmly.


100% USA Made.  All the way down to the hardware.

Customer Reviews

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Need one for every axe

Love the hdpe axe cover. At first I thought it felt pretty cheap and wouldn’t hold up. But so far so good. I enjoy that I can remove it and shove it in a pocket if I just need to use the axe for a minute or two.

Ernest Roy

Universal HDPE Axe Mask

David Shu
I got it covered

I like to mask my sharp things because of the little ones who visit. It can get expensive depending on how many axes I keep accumulating. This is a great alternative and is also durable and well made in America.

HDPE vs File

The mask was loose in the box with the file I purchased and was also missing the snap closure. I contacted Brandon and he immediately sent another NEW mask plus an extra snap closure. NOW that's customer service!!

GhanTech Mobile
Norlund Canadian and HDPE Axe Mask are a PERFECT Fit!!!

I was a little skeptical about a HDPE/kydex sheath as I'm use to a traditional leather one. But, I must say, my Norlund Canadian fit right into it like a glove. I went back on the site to by a couple more for my vintage Gransfors Bruk and S.A. Wetterlings but they were gone. I'm glad I got it when I did though. It's light and rugged and easily adjustable with the snap on slip slide button.