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When I step out into my shop I don't just see a bunch of rusty tools.

I see walls lined with stories.

That handsaw I restored after picking it out of a hoarders estate sale.

The drawknife that was gifted to me from my UPS delivery person when he found out what I do for a living.

That truck axe made by my dad.

Every single one has a price and a story and I wanted a way to remember both so, with the help of some friends I created the Whiskey River Tool Collector's Ledger to keep it all organized in one place.

Whether you're an avid collector of tools, someone who likes to make a deal here or there, or someone who specializes in buying and selling - a tool ledger is a must have.

Not only will it keep you organized and your tool valuations correct but it's also a great thing to hand down to your kids along with your actual tool collection.

One day you'll be able to sit down with your kids, or your partner, or your mailman and flip through the pages of your Ledger and talk about the awesome stories that each tool in your shop carries with it.

When you purchase this download today you'll get instant access to your download along with an email where you'll be able to access your download as well.

Customer Reviews

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tyler weston
Collection ledger

Very well organized. I got it as a free promotion. Very nice of Whiskey River to do for customers.

Art Eckford
Tool collector ledger

Long overdue. Will replace paper notes with all data in one accessible source.