Whiskey River Axe Bevel Gauge and Bottle Opener

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It's Friday, about 5:17 pm and you're just pulling into the driveway. 

With a half-hearted "Click" from your garage door opener, you watch your garage door strain to peel itself off of the concrete. It looks almost as tired as you feel after putting in your time at work all week. 

As the garage door rounds the halfway mark your right hand involuntarily moves to turn down the radio in an almost subconscious attempt to concentrate on pulling into the garage (as if it actually helps).

Then you see it...

The strain in your shoulders eases up, the pressure on your chest melts away, and you start to relax as the wall (or pile if you're like me) of axes waiting to get rehung and restored is slowly revealed by the garage door.

This is your personal retreat, your Valhalla, the slight scent of mold and the threat of tetanus keeps your partner, children, and worries from ever daring to enter this sacred place.

I'm proud to be able to offer you the newest addition to your sanctuary - The Whiskey River Bevel Guide Bottle Opener.

Legally we can't condone sharpening axes and drinking but we do condone America - and last time I checked, in America, if you're of age, on your property, and awesome you can do what you please so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

These Bevel gauges are cut from .06" think 304 Stainless Steel - which means they're light enough to be comfortable in hand but thin enough that you don't have to worry about bending them.

They are precision made by DFM Toolworks out of Chicago Illinois so you know they are about the highest quality you can find in a product like this.

They will help you dial in bevels from 15 degrees to 60 degrees while also helping you sit back, relax, and enjoy the beverage of your choosing.

Customer Reviews

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Hickory handle blank has beautiful graining and arrived a day early! Card scrapers take some fine tuning, but that is to be expected and bevel gauge is quality piece, which I already know ! With a dozen or so orders so far, not one complaint! Thanks Whiskey River keep them coming!!!

stevie wonder
super nice quality

perfect weight and finish and opens bottles like a champ, very nice gauges too no rough edges anywhere. will outlast our country at this rate very nice

Maxfield Hannum
This was a great purchase

I loved this, don't use it much for beer. But I have had a wonderful time with the bevel gauge!

Jason Burger
Bevel Gauge and Bottle Opener

This is a well made excellent gauge for determining the angle of your axe bevel, or to help you apply a bevel to an axe at a specific gauge you want to achieve. It’s durable stainless material and small enough to be there when you need it. Very handy.

Useful tool for sharpniks

Takes the guesswork out of the bevel angle.