Mystery Axe Grab Bag

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Another vintage axe collection just landed in our warehouse.

We have quite a few heads lined up for auctions already so these ones are up for grabs!

As is tradition, we figured the easiest and most fun way to do that would be to have another Mystery Grab Bag.

You can choose either Double Bit or Single Bit from the drop-down above and I will randomly choose which head is coming your way.

There are quite a few gems in here and there are quite a few no-names - all of which are in various states of use and restoration.

However - there are no junk pieces (no welded axes, cracked bits, etc...) all of these are great candidates for restoration. 

There's no cap on how many you can buy at one time and no matter what you get you'll have a fun time restoring it.

These move fast though so if this sounds like a fun thing for you I'd buy one sooner rather than later.


** All sales are final - no returns or cancellations on these axes ** 

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Bob Bentley

A great ax head! Haven't hung it yet but looking forward to it.


Got a Kelly

Can’t go wrong

Fun way to get a project piece! Never been disappointed! Received a beautiful Craftsman and hung it on a 19c dyed with vinegar and steel wool.

John Phelps
Mystery Axe

What a win! Received a 3.5lb mystery single bit axe and paired it with one of your premium hickory handles. Works flawlessly. Thank you!

just not what i thought

came across this website and was very interested right away. then the mystery axe grab bag gets offered. picture of a bunch of older/used axe heads. there were 10-12 in the photo so i assumed thats what i was getting for forty bucks. i also purchased three different axe handles while i was there. they came in the mail and there was only one axe head!!! for forty bucks!!! seemed a little misleading if you ask me. and you did so i wrote a review. the axe head is definitely something i can and will use. it will make a fun project. as for the ax handles, 5 stars!! very happy with them. i was looking forward to purchasing more axe handles to go with my "mystery axe grab bag". but now maybe not, as i only have one axe head as it is and three handles.