Rubber Axe Blade Guard

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We use this bit guard to store and ship all of our axes.  This heavy duty rubber gives your blade protection and more importantly provides you protection from the blade!   


This guard is thick enough that even the sharpest axes wont cut through in a typical storage/shipping situation.    Get rid of that flimsy cardboard.


Sold by the foot. Select how many feet you would like by picking the Quantity when checking out.

Customer Reviews

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Larry P.
Heavy duty blade guard

Bought a length of blade guard for custom protection for my big splitter and my double-bit hand axe. Cut easily with a miter saw or heavy shears. Drill a couple of holes for some paracord to keep it tight against the edge. Perfect and looks cool. Recommended!

Andrew C.
Works fine as blade guard

Works fine. but once I got it, I got a real realized I could probably buy the same thing at the local independent hardware store for six bucks, and this ended up costing $21. It would be better if there was something that custom fit their blades. Seems like it’s missing end caps that would keep the edge guard on as I move the axe around.

Kenneth Kjer
Rubber Axe Guard Exceptional.

These guards can be cut to any size which is a huge dollar savings. Not only does a person save money but they are thick heavy rubber and molded to fit tightly on what ever axe you put it on. I currently have them on 2 hatchets and one small axe. I no longer have to waste my time searching for correct size leather sheath. This is the best thing to come along in a long time. These have exceeded my expectations.

Robert Millet
For the Money, great.

Great, glad to have it until I upgrade to leather sheath. Did a double bit and boys axe with one foot.

Maxfield Hannum
Really wonderful for the price

These blade guards really hold up, and they look more professional for me when I need to ship an axe and want to protect everything