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This historic Maine Wedge pattern camp axe was forged by the skilled hands of the craftsman of Brant & Cochran.

The head is 2.5lbs of forged 1050 carbon steel and it is hung proudly on an Amish turned 28" American hickory handle.

This is your all-around, cover your bases, save your butt, swiss army knife of axes.

Pretty much anyone can swing 2.5lbs pretty easily and with a high amount of accuracy (which means safely.) Yet, 2.5lbs on this length handle can still do some serious work around camp or the fireplace.

It's short enough that you won't have a hard time transporting or storing it but long enough that you can comfortably fit 2 hands on it.

You can choke up on it to get in nice and personal when the task at hand calls for it and the 2.5lbs head is not going to bully you around - even in one hand.

Besides being incredibly functional and reliable this axe is a work of art.

You can really tell that everyone that touched this thing from design to manufacturing is incredibly passionate about axes and takes great pride in their work.

(Seriously...go look through the pictures again and see how many more details pop out at you. As one of my mentors used to say "How you do one thing is how you do everything.")

Brant & Cochran brought back this old pattern in a big way. I can't think of a better way to help keep these old traditions alive. 

Not only will this axe do more than hold its own in the woods - it's pretty enough to hang up on the wall in between your adventures into the wilderness.

The cutting edge is ~ 4" long.

Proudly Made in the USA!

**Comes with Maine Crafted Leather mask** 


Customer Reviews

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Shawn Wyatt

Very sharp. Used it to cut small trees out of the garden up to 3 inches. Great for limbing.
Not so great for splitting. Hard to beat a splitting maul.
Overall I love it. I put my GBA Scandinavian Forest axe in number 2 position.

Bruce Franklin
First Time Buyer of B&C

Nice American made product