Whiskey River Premium Heritage 11C - 11" Handle

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What is the difference between Grade A handles and Grade B handles? 




The small but mighty Heritage 11C is proof that size does not equal confidence.

A few years back Brandon was out, doing his thing, galavanting around this great nation doing what he does best - digging through forgotten garbage to find treasures left behind.

The tiny handle from the 50's that the 11C now calls "Dad" was one of those treasures.

This handle is meant for what is commonly referred to as a "Sounding Hatchet." It has also been called a pocket axe (clever name...I know.)

The forestry industry claims this tiny axe was used by foresters to test the quality of wood by knocking it with the sounding axe and listening to the tone that came back.

Various bushcraft experts claim that it was used as a handy, portable replacement to carrying a much bigger axe around.

And a few axe manufacturers say that it was merely a promotional tool carried by salesmen to show off the quality of said manufacturers product.

Either way - today - I claim - they're just freaking cool!

You may not be a forester but I have seen these tiny axes do some big work out in the woods. It proves that it's not the size - but the technique that makes all the difference.

 A great novelty handle to have on your desk or hang one of those 1/2lb hatchets that everyone calls a "salesman sample" on the internet.

 The 11C measures in at 10 5/8" long and the top of the eye is 15/16" X 5/16" and the shoulder is 1 3/16" X 9/16".

These handles are not sorted for grain orientation quality.

There is no kerf cut in this eye (just not enough material) these handles are meant to be hung with a single metal step wedge (included.)

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Martin Erickson
11” handle

Like all the handles I have purchased from Whiskey River… PREMIUM!

Debbie Sasser

Whiskey River Premium Heritage 11C - 11" Handle

Bryan Fite

Handles fit very well with minimum sanding.