Vintage Steel King Axe Shipping Box

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Well folks!  We bought a collection of axe related antiques. This box was included and It is looking for its forever home.


Steel King Axe Shipping box 


Front reads: "Steel King Axes. Louisville. KY.

Side reads: "3 1/2 to 4 1/2 Balt. Jersey"

Back reads: "Draper HDW. Draper N.C."




This box is in good condition and looks to be a free of any coatings.   The box remains tight. With only a small amount of chipping on the top edge. A lot thicker of material than most of the boxes we have seen.  This one is heavy.   With some light scrubbing and some oil I think that it would bring the lettering out.(see photos)


See photos for reference

Dimensions: 13x11x7"


This box ships for FREE in the USA


*** See Photos for condition