The Workmans Axe Handle

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These handles are made by hand with premium American hickory and have a slim ergonomic profile. These handles are quality West-Woods handles that will still work fantastically as working axe handles they just got caught in the Whiskey River Trading Co quality control filter for something small like the grain running just a little too far off center or a blemish here and there. 

Because we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality handles these guys would normally be given a viking funeral but we've all agreed that was a bit wasteful so we've now decided to offer them at a discount to anyone that may want to give them a swing! 

Like I stated previously these handles are still way above hardware store quality handles and will more than likely last a very long time when hung and used correctly!


18" - They are for eyes up to 1 7/8" x 5/8" approximate. Over all length is 18" to 18"              1/2". They weigh approximately 8 1/2 oz.

24" - For eyes up to 2" long and 13/16" wide. 

28" -They are for eyes up to 2 1/8" long and 13/16" wide. 

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