The Brandon Roost Eight Million Mile Boots

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Your mother used to tell you that the opportunity to walk a mile in another person's shoes is priceless.  Now you literally can! These boots have been around the world figuratively and sort of literally. These s#!$ kickers belonged to the myth, the legend, the magnificent Brandon Roost and after 8 years of "less than delicate" use they are being retired. The Smithsonian politely asked us to donate the boots to their museum but admitted they would have to build a brand new wing to accommodate the boost in traffic these leather monuments were sure to generate! 

Instead of selfishly donating them to the fancy-pancy stale farts over at the Smithsonian we are giving you the chance to own a piece of American history. Don't hesitate! Buy now! 

These boots come with a certificate of authenticity, a commemorative plate, and a signed photo of the man himself.