Straight Handle Mini Pulaski - Hand Forged

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This camp Pulaski was hand forged by the talented Todd Elder of The Elder Anvil, hung by Roy of Vintage Axe Works on a custom made, 24" straight hickory handle with a cherry wood wedge, and comes with custom leather crafted by Josh of Wyoming Axe & Saw.


I've always loved the Pulaski and use one to split wood, dig latrines, dig ground gutters at camp (to redirect rainwater around the tent, I don't know if they have an actual name but this is what I've called them my whole life), and to till up my garden every spring.


In my opinion, they are an underrated and underutilized tool.


One of the reasons people shy away from taking these to camp is the fact that they are pretty big and bulky.


This mini Pulaski, however, is nothing short of amazing.  When you buy one of these and you get to hold them in your hands you will understand what I'm talking about.


The handle is finished perfectly, the head is the ideal weight for a handle this length, and the bit is precisely sharpened.


Each Pulaski comes with a certificate of authenticity and qualifies for FREE SHIPPING



Weight of head: 2lbs 

Handle material: Hickory

Wedge Material: Cherry Wood

Overall Length: 24"

Bit length: 3.5"

Overall head length: 9"

Overall weight: 3.2lbs 

Leather: 8oz Oil Finished Latigo