Squirrel Cooker - 3 Piece Camping Set

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This hand-forged (by Todd Elder of @theelderanvil) Squirrel Cooker set is the perfect addition to anyone's camping kit.


This 3-piece set is incredibly robust but still light enough and compact enough to pack into camp with no issues.


This set has 3 different configurations to adapt to any cooking scenario you run into in the woods.


You can set it up as just a pothook, just a fork rotisserie (the heavy-duty marshmallow cooker setting), or a full rotisserie perfect for anything from fish to squirrels.


This set proves that you don't need to jump on the next air-frying-infrared-convection-nuclear heating 3 in 1 cooking gadget to be able to cook in style.


This style of camping cook set has been around for ages because it's simple, robust, and just plain works.


Currently, this is available with 2 different styles of carrying case - either Burgundy Waxed Canvas or Dark Brown Leather.