The Honey Badger Throwing Knife - Set of 3

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Do you want a knife that feels light and delicate in your hand?

The Honey Badger don't care.

Would you love a knife that has ornate and campy decoration?

The Honey Badger DON'T care.

Looking for a knife that is big enough to help you compensate for your...fragile ego??



All this knife cares about is helping you stick that bullseye.


The Honey Badger is a no holds barred throwing knife made exclusively for Whiskey River by Toro Knives. Toro Knives are the premier manufacturer of throwing knives in the industry.


If you've ever had the pleasure of throwing one of their knives then you know that last sentence is nowhere near an overstatement or hyperbole.


The Honey Badger is sourced and made in America out of 1045 steel. Once they are cut they are tempered and oil quenched to an HRC of 45.


They are given two false edges that are sharp enough to stick a target but dull enough to allow for throwing holding the bladed end.


They are sold as a pack of 3 and come oiled to improve longevity.

The only way this set of knives doesn't last you for a few generations is if you throw them into the middle of a tar pit or into the ocean.


What I'm saying is...


If you don't lose them because you really missed the target - these knives may be the last set you ever need to buy.


Either way...The Honey Badger DON'T CARE.


8.125"L x 1.25"W x .375"T

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k s
great throwers

These honey badgers are great no spin throwers built great would buy another set ,stick excellent